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SharePoint – Managing Your SharePoint Site Reviews are Outsanding

DeVore Technologies recently hosted NEORSD for a SharePoint – Managing Your SharePoint Site class and the review were outstanding. Lori DeVore commented, “We are extremely happy we have such a great partnership with NEORSD.”

The comments that were left about the class:

  • I loved the personalized attention
  • This was a great class, I felt cared for
  • I’d love to have another course even more dedicated to going in depth. but this one was fine.

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Visio at DeVore April 27th! Sign up today !

DeVore Technologies will be teaching Visio on April 27th. Think you need Visio? Call us for a discount price!

Visio is primarily a flow charting application used in engineering, software development, business planning, financial strategies, and a number of other leading industries. What makes Visio so useful is that it can turn the complexities inherent in many of the concepts of engineering, business, and technology into comprehensive documentation.

Visio was designed to give its users the tools to integrate visual charts and diagrams with data across multiple sources. Diagrams can be linked to data sources across networks (particularly useful in a near paperless office, where multiple workstations need to access shared data on a network).

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Computer Learning Classes at DeVore in May

DeVore Technologies is hosting a variety of classes in May. There is still time to reserve your spot!

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Visio & Excel Classes Next Week At DeVore!

Looking for last minute computer training classes for April? DeVore Technologies has the following classes left in April:

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DeVore Technologies is Proud to Host NEO STC Event

DeVore Technologies is proud to host NEO STC Event! The STC (Society for Technical Communication) is the world’s largest and oldest professional association dedicated to the advancement of the field of technical communication. We are writers, editors, graphic artists, web content managers, usability experts, consultants, information managers, instructional designers, educators, and students. We work in many industries, including telecommunications, software, semiconductor, financial, engineering, medical, and transportation. The Society has members in almost 50 countries and is continuing to grow rapidly outside of North America and Europe.

The NEO STC (Northeast Ohio Community of the Society for Technical Communication) is one of the most active STC communities in the U.S. The community provides leadership and direction for its members and promotes professional growth through program meetings, workshops/conferences, webinars, book club meetings, volunteer opportunities, mentoring, and networking events.

We are pleased everything went well and we are looking forward to having you at DeVore Technologies again!

DeVore Technologies has hosted many events for companies. We included ample sized classroom for any event. If you are looking for a room rental or looking to host an event for your company, contact us!

Cardinal Health Gives Extraordinary Reviews to DeVore Technologies

On April 14, 2015 DeVore Technologies’ Instructor David delivered Excel 2010 – Introduction training via distance to Cardinal Health Employees in California. The feedback that was left was nothing short of excellent. “We are delighted to hear this type of feedback,” state Lori DeVore, President and CEO of DeVore Technologies, “we take great pride in our work. Our Instructors are extremely talented in what they do, and we as a company are extremely proud of the work they give.”

The comments left behind:

  • [This class] Filled in a lot of gaps that I had in Excel knowledge
  • Very user friendly
  • I had very little experience with excel so the class was very informative. It was all good
  • Formulas and Freeze info were my favorite part of the class
  • Don’t change it
  • Very informative and easy to understand
  • Trainer was very easy to understand and was willing to answer any and all questions and go at our pace. Also, he made it fun and interesting.
  • I liked doing the training this way after we got into it, I was leery at first but it worked out great!
  • So much better than trying to learn this on my own
  • I took this via go to meeting and it couldn’t have been easier
  • David was very engaging as an instructor and made understanding the topic extremely easy. He was very encouraging
    when it came to asking/answering questions. Even though there were multiple levels of experience amongst the class overall, he still made refreshing topics informative and never once was any of the info relayed in a condencending manner – which is a really big draw for me attending anything labelled as a “beginner’s course!
  • I took the course via the web and it was very fluid and easy to follow. I like the fact that our instructor did enable
    the webcam option for small portions of time. I feel like it made it a bit more personal than just following a
    disembodied mouse on the screen or just listening to instruction over the phone.
  • I thought every piece was valuable and even old topics that I knew about or I had some familiarity with included
    new points/new things I learned. I would not change this course outline.
  • All the shortcuts and the formulas we learned will be extremely useful
  • It was great, lots of new things I never knew about. David was great and very descriptive
  • No, don’t change anything, it was just perfect!

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PowerPivot Pro for Excel in Cleveland, May 12 & 13!

Conveniently located in Beachwood, DeVore Technologies serves the Northeast Ohio Area, including Lorain – Elyria- Akron – Canton – Warren – Youngstown and Erie, Pa.

Cleveland, Ohio, Rob Collie, former Microsoft Engineering Manager teaches Power Pivot
World-Class Training in CLEVELAND without travel expense!

Simple value proposition – with the investment of two days’ time you will not only learn to use Power Pivot, you will also develop a picture of its potential impact within your organization.

Rob Collie not only was one of the founding engineers behind Power Pivot during his career at Microsoft, he wrote the best-selling Power Pivot Textbook, which you will receive as part of the class, and is the author of the #1 Power Pivot blog.

A Microsoft add-on to Excel 2010 & 2013, Power Pivot blends the familiarity and “same-day” agility of Excel with the robustness and power formerly found only in industrial-strength BI tools.

It empowers business users to produce dramatically more valuable insights than possible with “traditional” Excel alone – in short periods of time, at zero additional cost, and without the burden of ongoing manual effort.

Power Pivot is at the core of Microsoft’s entire “self-service” BI offering – other Power BI components such as Power View and Power Query are best understood as extensions to Power Pivot itself. Power Pivot knowledge is therefore your logical first step into a whole world of new capabilities.

This class in Cleveland, Ohio provides a unique opportunity to not only learn the “how” part, but to ask “why” questions of a truly authoritative source (within class time limitations, not detracting from the ‘how’ part…) This training is IT’s opportunity to be out ahead of this, rather than reacting to requests from Departmental areas.

And of course, it “plays well with SharePoint”, but does not require SharePoint.


DeVore was surprised to hear that Power Pivot is considered a ‘mature” product with 15 years of development history, not a ‘version 1.0.” Below are a few articles from the groundswell we are beginning to see on Power Pivot:

“Power Pivot is the Best Thing to Happen to Excel in 20 Years. This book unlocks its secrets for today’s Excel users.” -Bill ‘MrExcel’ Jelen ( referring to Rob’s book: DAX FORMULAS for Power Pivot

“Journal of Accountancy – Pivotal Advance Boosts Excel’s Power –

This class can also be delivered at your location, if you have a group of individuals about to embark upon a Power Pivot adventure, and can be arranged as a custom class at DeVore.

For information about on-site classes and custom content, individual instruction or consulting assistance, just call the DeVore office, 440-232-3846 or email


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