Lori DeVore and Craig Koteles attend a Breakfast event at NEORSD

Last week Lori and Craig attended a breakfast event at the NEORSD. The Breakfast Exchange is a small group informal meeting, providing a briefing on Sewer District initiatives and upcoming projects. But most important, the Breakfast Exchange invites your voice to the table to offer feedback on how the Sewer District can better serve our needs as a MBE, WBE and SBE businesses. They valued our input and assisted us in this assessment. Ben Holbert, Business Outreach Specialist, was the host for this event and he carefully listened to all of us, and answered all of our questions concisely. Lori quotes; “We are all excited for the new opportunities”. For…

Lori DeVore Hires New Mentoree for Social Media, Matt Ayzenberg for Internship at DeVore Technologies!

For the past decade Lori has not only worked for the philanthropic and civic programs in our communities, Lori is passionate about her internship supporting the youth and helping them achieve business experience during high school, college, and after college. The DeVore mentoree program has a high successful rate in the past and looks forward to adding more youth to the program