Life Hacks- Making Life a Little Easier: 5/24 Daily Update

Tips of the Day:

Some great tips to make your life a little faster & easier-

  • Turn off the automatic formatting in MS Word, like the clickable links, boldface words, & other formatting it creates as you type.
    –> In Word 2010 (Windows), open the File menu; click Options, Proofing, AutoCorrect Options, then AutoFormat Options.
    –> On the Mac (Word 2011), open the Tools menu; click AutoCorrect, then AutoFormat As You Type.
  • Tap the Space bar to scroll down by one screenful. Add the Shift key to scroll back up again.
  • If you need to paste a long Web address where it would be confusing to read (or impossible to fit, as on Twitter), use a site like because these free sites convert long addresses into very compact ones.

Read about other life hacks: Ins and Outs of Using Gadgetry

Article of the Day:

It’s Time to Manage Your Online Personal Brand-

A few interesting points:

  • When was the last time you searched for your name on Google, Facebook, or Twitter? What appears?
  • There are no more blind dates anymore because you can learn a lot about your date in advance just by searching online.
  • Being private online isn’t a bad thing; it can really save you from a reputation mishap.

Read the full story here.


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