University Hospitals Dept. of Neuroligical Surgery with Dr. Warren Selman, Chief of Neurological Surgery chose DeVore’s Professional Facilities & Team to Proctor Resident Exams.

DSC03948.JPGEvery year University Hospitals chooses DeVore Technologies to facilitate tests for the residents and from Orthopedics, Podiatry, Neurology and other departments within UH and Rainbow Babies.  Dr. Warren Selman, MD, and Lori DeVore smiling after a long 12 hour day!

Warren Selman MD, Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery, UH Case Medical Center Interim Division Chief, Neurological Surgery, UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital Professor, Neurosurgery, CWRU School of Medicine Director, Neurological Institute, University Hospitals Neurosurgeon-in-Chief, University Hospitals.

Lois A. Hengenius, Resident Coordinator also supported proctoring with Dr. Warren Selman, along side with Lori DeVore.

As usual DeVore provides the ultimate experience, with catering elegant lunches, healthy snacks, and pastries throughout the day.  Our facilities along with a staff that pays attention every detail is why DeVore continues to be among the best in our league.  Thank you Dr. Selman and Lois!  Best wishes to the Residents.






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