Chris McKinley and Star Lotta at DeVore Technologies to discuss opening their new upscale resale boutique in Ohio City! Grand Opening Coming Soon!

Star Lotta and Chris McKinley
Star Lotta and Chris McKinley

This is the build-out of our first Suiting Warriors ‘upscale resale boutique’. No official store name has been created yet but this retail location will be the first of many more to come in Veteran heavy communities around the country. This first retail space is to develop a sustainability model for the foundation and serve as a community service opportunity for Veterans and the general public of Cleveland, Ohio, home to the 3rd largest VA Hospital in the nation. The retail space will be open to the public and will offer discounted pricing tiers on suits and professional business wear for both men and women.

Chris and Lori

Suiting Warriors also provides a Mobile Concierge Suiting Service, offering free suits to Veterans, and their spouses, during Veteran Job Fairs and Career Resource Events at Military bases, businesses, and Universities throughout parts of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic Region. With your help, we will go nation wide!



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