DeVore Hosts with MicroTek – Training Sunrise Senior Living in The Health Care System Software HCS eMAR!

DeVore is pleased to announce the hosting of Sunrise Senior Living with MicroTek in HCS eMAR which is a nurse designed user interface. DeVore provided above and beyond the continental standard breakfast catered by Miles Farmers Market breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. With multiple room rentals going on at once the activity was great to have during the beautiful Fall.

HCS eMAR is an electronic medication administration record solution proven to improve patient safety and drastically reduce the amount of time spent on documentation. Hospitals using HCS eMAR have documented a 33% reduction in medication administration errors and a reduction of 45% in documentation time.

Using HCS eMAR, clinicians can document medication administrations, vital signs, and other observations. Alerts are displayed immediately if clinical actions need to be taken. These can be displayed on the eMAR screen, transmitted via email or pager, recorded in reports, or shown on the integrated Status Board. The Status Board, which is displayed on a monitor at the nursing stations, shows a list of rooms where patients have due or overdue medications, medication response evaluation needs, and/or a need for vital signs to be taken. By allowing nurses to see quickly whether patient actions are needed—without having to log into a computer—the Status Board eases strain and helps eliminate missed administrations and other patient care omissions.

HCS eMAR streamlines medication administration by scanning unit dose barcode labels and reconciling that information within patient’s medication record. HCS eMAR supports the “Five Rights of Medication Administration” (Right Patient, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Route, Right Time), while also saving time for clinicians.


Article by Connor House and Lori DeVore

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