DeVore Provided Distance Training in Advanced Excel 2010 at Cardinal Health in Twinsburg With our Senior Instructor, Penny!

November 8th, DeVore hosted the Distance class at DeVore while students at Cardinal Health were trained from all the locations across the United States. Cardinal continues to train the traditional methods at their classroom headquarters in Twinsburg at our DeVore facilities.

  • Elsie and Jessica pointed out that, “the fulfillment of the details and creating pivot tables”.
  • Mark states, “Audio cut in & out pretty much the entire time. Very frustrating & difficult to listen to”. Mark also quoted, He felt that the class moved at an appropriate pace for having 14 students for a distance class and was just right and he loved learning to learn about macros”
  • Kimber liked the extra tips that were provided by Penny and felt that the material was covered in sufficient detail. She also commented that the web-based training could be more challenging if one has computer issues. She had a few instances where her computer was cutting the instructor in and out. She recommends allowing more time for note taking or for the presenter to provide documentation for the students.

Some of the other students pointed out:

  • The course was very beneficial and they liked the additional shortcuts
  • Most of the class commented that they favored the pivot tables and the course was hands on even though it was a distance course
  • A few of the students felt it was difficult to view on their laptop and it would have been better in a classroom with a projector
  • Overall the students felt it was a good web experience with hands-on examples included with each topic

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