Continuing another Outstanding Performance by Christine and Alex Enjoys the Attention!

Nothing but smiles from our instructor and student as they wrap up the second day of learning the language of structured queries. Alex from STERIS  is ready to perform operations and take over SQL database structures thanks to teaming up with DeVore! We always assure our students a hands on experience in training. Check out future classes and other extraordinary endeavors at our site.  Our classes for 2017 will be posted mid December.  We became a Cisco Partner, a friendly FYI!


Alex had nothing but 5/5 responses for Christine as a wonderful instructor! He stated that “the pace was just right” and “Christine was a very good teacher.”

You can tell they enjoyed the time together, learning over coffee and building a relationship and exchanged emails so if needed Alex can email or call Christine anytime!  What a bargain and match-maker  match-maker!

Article by Jalynne Tatum & Lori DeVore



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