DeVore Technologies and Y.O.U Are Successful In Pairing Up To Help Students Become CompTia Certified!

How lucky can you get? Youth Opportunities Unlimited has provided a select few the opportunity of a lifetime! For those who are unaware of what/how and why a CompTia certification is important ..let us explain.

Many IT success tales begin with the CompTia A+ certification. It is one of the largest IT technology certifications. It ensures the understanding of the common hardware and software technologies in business and certifies skills necessary in the complex information technology department. The A+ certification is a strong credential to have when looking to get a step further to kick off your IT career.

The CompTia A+ certification is trusted by many employers and globally observed. It is compliant with the ISO 17024 standards and is even approved by the U.S. Department of State 8570.01m training requirements. It’s also a vendor neutral certification, covering knowledge of numerous operating systems for different vendors such as Microsoft, Apple Inc., Linux and more. The job possibilities are endless!



The exam will cover basic computer installation, networking, mobile devices, and even procedures and prohibited content. There is a maximum of 90 questions per exam. You must pass exams from the same series to become officially certified. For example, if you take exam 801 and and 901 you will NOT earn the certification.


Being certified makes a great first impression! These students have the chance to get their foot in the door in the IT world and give their career a head start in becoming even more prosperous! We are happy to provide the space and equipment needed to host classes for the students four days out of every week for 17 whole weeks!


So 800px-comptia_-_cert-logo-usage-svgjoin us through the adventure of our A+ class as instructor Sylvester Thomas prepares the group for their future!






Article By: Jalynne Tatum




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